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Wilmington Outreach


In June of 2011, a group from Brandywine Valley Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE went on a mission trip to Nashville, TN. We participated in many different forms of ministry to those with low incomes and experiencing homelessness. One day, we walked out into the city of Nashville to hand out bag lunches and bottles of water and strike up some  conversations. God worked in our lives and the lives of those we met in very direct and powerful ways (for more info, see this post). We couldn’t help but ask the question:

Why do we only do this kind of ministry when we’re away on a “mission trip?”

He put a call on our lives to continue this kind of ministry in our hometown of Wilmington, DE. And through that, learn to live every day of our lives on a “mission.”


We go to downtown Wilmington every Sunday to bless people we meet.  We normally make bag lunches and distribute them along with bottles of water in Rodney Square, but sometimes we end up going on other adventures.  We’ve ended up helping people get:  transportation to hospitals, medicine, admission to housing facilities, connections with local churches, Christmas presents for their family, and more.  We regularly open our ears and listen to people who need someone to talk to.  We pray with people.  We do our best to love people.  We are a group of Christians who testify to what God has done in our lives, but we respect people and their rights to chose their own beliefs.  We go downtown to love people, not preach at people.  We don’t go because we want to see results, we go because we have been blessed.  We go because we feel called by God and want to be obedient to that calling.  We have been amazed at the experiences we’ve had and look forward to many more.  And we have fun!

Links to check out:

This Is Our City (a collaborative project by Christianity Today to promote flourishing in cities across the US)
One Step Away (street newspaper for Philadelphia and Wilmington)
The Homeless Guy Blog
(Nashville-based blog with lots of practical information about homelessness)
10 Actions You Can Take To End Homelessness (from
National Coalition for the Homeless
Invisible (video blog about homelessness in the US)


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