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Forget Your Expectations – Wilmington Outreach Update 1.1.12

Whether you are the church janitor or the church worship leader, God will remind you (sometimes in really obvious ways) that you need His protection and power to do His work. This Sunday we had the chance to see God work powerfully through us and to protect us from a couple dangers we came close to facing.

Since usually it’s just three of us that go to Rodney Square, having a couple more helpers this time was great, especially because we went to a new location. Rodney Square is also the main bus stop hub in the city of Wilmington, and we didn’t know the buses wouldn’t be running on New Year’s day.  Since the buses weren’t running, Rodney Square was as good as barren. We just talked to about five people.  One of those people was a father of a teen-age girl that was developing her art portfolio for admission to a local school.   They were also neighbors to members of Brandywine Valley Baptist, which gave us another point of conversation with them. Thankfully we had an easy time talking to these people. Not everybody is open to conversation, but sometimes we meet people that are just thankful that they had somebody to talk to.

Since we had an excess of lunches and water bottles, we decided to follow one man’s advice to check out another area of the city surrounding a homeless ministry.  After we came to the neighborhood and parked, we picked the corner on the intersection that just had an elderly man sitting in front of his home.   It was our first time in this part of the city, so we were a little hesitant.

This elderly man was out of work and had recently been released from the hospital, but he was still having pain. We kept conversing with him, after giving him lunch and water, and then another man came by that was showing us all the books he got from the ministry across the street. Chris and Samantha went to pray with this man while Kaitlynn, Darby, and I stayed with the elderly man. A way in which God showed His power in this situation was that He allowed us to pray for healing for this man, and God answered! Kaitlynn prayed for his back and I prayed for his knees. The man said he was feeling better and, after we jokingly suggested that he should dance or run a marathon, the man got up and started to dance! He was having a great time! Later we met the man’s wife, and we gave her more of the lunches for their family.

While we were talking and praying with these guys, we noticed some activity going on at the nearby intersection that we definitely didn’t want to be around.  So as we were heading back to the car, we decided we’d stick with Rodney Square from now on.  When we made the food and headed to the city, we expected to be in Rodney Square the whole time.  But God led us to a more questionable area of the city and we still ended up praying and encouraging people — even seeing God heal someone!  You might not have the opportunity to serve in an urban setting like we do, and you might not have experiences like the ones we enjoy, but no matter where God has you serve, remember what Jesus said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).  So wherever you can serve, find somebody to whom you can show the love of Jesus.



The Day We Met Rob (Re-cap)

July 31st & August 7th

As always, we stood together and prayed when we got to Rodney Square.  We usually take turns praying so it probably went on for a few minutes.  As soon as we said “Amen” a man came running up to us with tears streaming down his face.  His name was Rob, and he wanted us to pray for him.  He said that he was sitting on the sidewalk (we didn’t even see him!) and was listening to us pray.  He was so grateful to God for sending brothers and sisters to pray with him.  So we brought Rob into the middle of our circle and prayed for him.  Afterwards, he told us how the Lord had led him to that very spot.  He had been struggling to quit drinking and smoking and was basically at the end of his rope.  He said he wanted to “turn away from bad things and back to Jesus.”  He pointed to a brown bag that was sitting on the sidewalk.  He opened it and showed us the beer and cigarettes, and we asked him if he wanted to throw them out.  Without hesitation, Rob began to crack open the beer and pour it into the trash!

We saw Rob a week later and he wasn’t doing so well.  He had been drinking again. Chris had a long talk with him and found out that he was facing a few months of jail time.  Rob was afraid of being in jail because he didn’t want to be sober and “alone with his thoughts.”  However, he realized that he needed to face the consequences of his actions, and he did end up turning himself in.  We’ve seen him since, and he’s doing great!  He says that no matter what his circumstances look like, he’s free.  Rob amazes me with how well he knows the Word of God.  I think that’s why he knew that he needed to turn himself in.  God’s truth is written so deeply in his heart that he can’t get away.  I thank God for His Word and for the heart that He’s given our brother Rob.

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