The Journey Blog

Stories and updates from the college ministry at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church!

About Journey

Journey is a ministry for recent high school graduates, college students, and young adults at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE. We seek to develop a disciple-making ministry that engages you in the world in which you live. We do this in four ways:

Experience – Our experience in this world is unique and challenging, especially in the early years of adulthood. We’d like to share that experience with you.

Belong – It is understood that in this time of life, one often feels alone in the world. The Journey is a place to belong, a place to feel at home and be supported by the local body of Christ.

Believe – we desire to understand our faith in God. Through the process of making disciples, we will search, discover, and set roots into what we believe.

Engage – As disciples of Christ, we also desire to engage the world around us with the grace and mercy that has been extended to us.

To experience, belong, believe, and engage – with Christ as our true guide and focus – is the heart and mission of the Journey. If you wish to be contacted or visited, please let us know.  Email or call Brandywine Valley Baptist Church at 302-478-4255.


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