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Meeting the Family of a Tragic Accident – Wilmington Outreach Update 2.5.12

Last Sunday was another great experience. We got to pray for healing for a man who has been having migraines, seizures, and a possible brain aneurysm; pray with someone who has “drifted away from God” over the years and is ready to re-commit, and had a long conversation with an intentionally “homeless” man who has been living on the streets of Wilmington for about 20 years. Of all these conversations last Sunday, the one that impacted me the most was in a bus stop with a man and his two daughters. We normally walk around Rodney Square and hand out food and water bottles to mostly everyone we come across. But there are certain people that are more intimidating to go up and talk to – because of their physical appearance, demeanor, or other reasons.  Still, we pray that God leads us to the people He wants us to talk to, even if it doesn’t make sense to us.

This man was one of those people, someone who I felt I should offer food and water to, but was expecting to get rejected. He graciously accepted what we had to offer, and we started talking. After a short conversation I asked him if he and his family wanted any prayers. Again – I thought it would be a quick and easy “no thanks” and we’d be on our way. But when I asked the question, he immediately said yes and began sharing with us. Apparently, his mother (the girls’ grandmother) was recently killed in a terrible accident – a hit and run that happened while she was trying cross the street in her wheelchair. This happened on south Market Street – not far from where we were. You can read about it in this news article: After he shared this request with us, their bus arrived and our group went over to some benches to pray for them.

Edith, the woman who passed away in the hit and run accident on 1/4/12

What I realized from this experience is that sometimes God calls us to do things that don’t always make sense. I had a feeling that this guy wasn’t going to want anything we had to offer, but when we asked him for prayer he lit up like he knew we were sent for a reason. I don’t know very much about this family’s situation, but I do know that prayer is important and it’s all I can do for them at this point. Please join us in prayer for the people I listed above, and for this family as they mourn the loss of their beloved grandmother.


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One thought on “Meeting the Family of a Tragic Accident – Wilmington Outreach Update 2.5.12

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be praying… and it is amazing how God leads! He has been so faithful in His leading.

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