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Hot Chocolate Brings People Together – Wilmington Outreach Update 1.22.12

The past two Sundays, our group decided to bring some hot chocolate downtown and serve it to our friends in Rodney Square (along with our usual bag lunches). On the 15th, it was unseasonably warm, so we didn’t have a bunch of takers. But this past Sunday, it was a pretty popular item. Three of us went last week, not sure what to expect with the low temperatures and everything still covered in snow. There weren’t many people other than those huddled in the bus stops. We walked into one with our big jug of hot chocolate and food and started offering it out. It’s funny how much having a warm cup in your hand on a cold day can change the social dynamic of a situation. We were mostly all strangers (aside from those that we had met on previous Sundays), but enjoying a meal and a drink together really opened up our conversations. We were able to hear what was on the hearts of lots of people, some experiencing homelessness, some just waiting for the bus, and got to pray for/with them. It makes sense that Jesus spent so much time eating and drinking with people.

I specifically remember praying for Beau, a guy we met before who is currently homeless and struggling with an alcohol addiction. It was a really meaningful prayer time and he seemed impacted by it. Please join us in prayer for him and others who are on the streets of Wilmington as the temperatures drop this winter.


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