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The Importance of Biblical Teaching – Sunday Morning Journey 1.8.12

How do you approach reading the Bible? Is it a chore or do you love it?   

In our last Sunday morning Journey meeting this winter break, we discussed the importance of Biblical teaching.  As you head back to school (or stay home), the college years are a very important time to understand the meaning of the text we hold as God’s Word.
We started by watching a video by Francis Chan’s Basic Series – Teaching. Click here to view the trailer of the video:

Then we discussed the following verses:
Acts 5:17-42 – The early disciples were put in prison for teaching God’s Word, and continued to do so even when they were threatened (oh and by the way, angels miraculously broke them out of prison).
Acts 2:42 – “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching…”  Can our view of scripture be described as “devotion”?
2 Peter 1:16 – Peter was an eyewitness account of Jesus.  He wasn’t just making up stories.

Another topic we talked about regarding teaching was identifying false teachers:
John 13:34-34 – We will know who God’s people are by their love.
Matthew 7:15-20 – We’ll be able to recognize false prophets by their fruit – or the works that their lives produce.  See Galatians 5:19-26 for more about the metaphorical/Biblical definition of “fruit.”
1 Timothy 4:16 – Don’t just pursue an understanding of doctrine, but live it out!

If you are traveling back to school this semester – remember the importance of being involved in a Christ-centered community who has a high regard for Biblical teaching.  As Christians, we have a responsibility study and teach the Word to others.  If you are not currently involved in a group like this at your school, let me recommend a few:

Campus Crusade for Christ
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship


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