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The Cops Know About Us – Wilmington Outreach Update 12.26.11

Since last Sunday was Christmas, we pushed our Wilmington Outreach to Monday, the 26th instead.  I was actually going to just cancel it and re-convene in two weeks, but some of the students wanted to keep it going, and I can’t say no to that.  There were six of us this week.  I’ve been totally encouraged lately by the amount of support we have been getting for this ministry.  People in the church have been talking about it, donating to it, and asking us to share stories about it (including Kaitlynn’s testimonies at the Christmas Eve services).

Because of all of this support, we were able to up the ante this week – we made some nice lunch meat sandwiches instead of the normal PB & J!  Seems like a minor difference, but I think people really appreciated it.  And the encouragements didn’t stop there.  As we were in Rodney Square handing out sandwiches, a Wilmington Police car pulls up next to us and I could tell the officer was trying to get my attention.  Because of the glare on the window, I couldn’t really tell who it was.  After looking around (as if he wasn’t pointing at me) it was clear he wanted me to come over to the cop car.  I was wondering if he was going to tell us to stop handing out food, or talk to me about the people we were giving food to. As it turned out, it was the police officer we met during our second week in Rodney Square (back in July – see this post for more info:  He remembered my face and wanted to tell me how impressed he was with all that we were doing.  We had a pretty long conversation, sharing stories about what we’ve experienced in the city over the past few months.  Mainly, my only exposure to the streets of Wilmington come on Sunday afternoons, but they are the day to day reality for this cop.  He went on to tell me about all the violence that has been going on in the city.  “It’s been bad.  Real bad.  I can’t wait for it to get colder so people stay inside and things calm down.  But when spring comes around it’s just going to get bad again.”

That’s just one story – but we met lots of people, handed out lots of food, and had lots of great conversation.

Please pray alongside us for:

The city of Wilmington – that God’s peace and blessings would be poured out to the city, and that God would use His people to be a part of the transformation.

Our friend, the Wilmington police officer (who will remain unnamed here) – for protection and strength


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