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Sunday Morning 12.18.11 – Be Christlike on Christmas

There can be a lot of difficult things about the Christmas season.  It’s easy to build up lots of expectations about what the “perfect Christmas” should be like only to be hit by a reality that falls short.  For many, church is a big part of the Christmas experience. But how many times can we sing the same Christmas carols and still mean it?

This past Sunday morning, I challenged everyone at Journey to try to be more like Jesus this Christmas season.  Instead of making the whole experience about us, let’s focus on others.  We looked at this video about an extreme (and pretty funny) example of how crazy the consumerism mentally has impacting the shopping days leading up to Christmas:

Then we watched this video from the Advent Conspiracy, which shows another way to celebrate.

The main focus of the morning was on three attributes of Jesus and trying to live them out as best as possible as we are experiencing everything the Christmas season has to offer – from the silent nights to busy shopping and family feuds.

Humility: Philippians 2:4-11; Luke 14:1-14

Service: Matthew 20:20-28; John 13:1-17

Love: Luke 6:27-36; Mark 12:28-34

It’s not easy, it takes strength that only God can give, but if we all reflected these attributes of Jesus this year, we will be able to worship more fully and experience Christmas closer to the way it was intended.


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